What do you want to discover about your ancestors?

Who they were? Where they came from?  How they lived?

Are you starting from scratch?  Just need a little guidance? Or maybe you've hit a brick wall in your research?

My name is Linda Tseitlin. I'm the founder and principal genealogist at Liaisons Genealogy.

I can help you use DNA to answer questions about your heritage.

I can help you find the records that confirm names and relationships.

Even better, I can help you decipher the stories behind the data.

If you want to come to know the ancestors whose decisions long ago helped shape your life today,

I can help you connect.

Connecting with Marc

That's Marc over there on the right.  My great-grandfather.  All I knew about him to start was that he was French Canadian.  Now I can tell you the details of his life.  I also learned that his journey from the farm in Quebec to a factory in Connecticut was mirrored by thousands of other Quebecois of his generation.

I've been able to trace his ancestors back to the early 1700s.  His third great-grandfather, Pierre, was a master locksmith who emigrated from France to Quebec around 1725.  Pierre went to work for the Forges du St-Maurice, the first iron works in Canada, as it was just getting off the ground.  He was murdered there one night in the fall of 1739, leaving behind a widow, a house full of children, and a just-baptized newborn.

What stories will you discover?  Liaisons can help you on the way.

Professional genealogical research services

Liaisons provides professional genealogical research and writing services to people who want to learn more about their ancestors.

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