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Letter from a client:

Questions about your family heritage

My name is Linda Tseitlin. I'm a professional genealogist in Essex County, Massachusetts.  I'm here to help you connect with past generations of your family, from unknown parents to ancestors in colonial times, here and abroad.

What would you like to find out about your family's past?  Are you trying to trace a particular person?  Discover a hometown?  Or find out the facts behind old family stories?

Are you starting from scratch?  Just need a little guidance? Or maybe you hit a brick wall in your research?

I can help you use DNA to solve questions about your family tree.

I can find the traces your family left behind in records.  And then I can show you how those bits and pieces fit together to tell their stories.

If you want to come to know the ancestors whose decisions long ago helped shape your life today,

I can help you connect.

I want to thank you for helping me 'find' my family.... You provided documents I never knew were available or how to obtain them. I requested information about my birth father and maternal grandparents. I received a well documented report on each of these family members.

I am still in awe of the report you compiled about my birth father, his parents, siblings and children. This fills in some of the blanks that my mom never wanted to talk about.

...I am eternally thankful that I hired you.  You have valuable skills that require determination and caring for your client. 

I would highly recommend you to anyone wanting to know about their genealogy.

P. W.

One Connection Leads to Another

That's Marc over there on the right.  My great-grandfather.

All I knew about him at first was that he was French Canadian.  Now I can tell you the details of his life: his parents' names, his birthplace, the names and fates of his brothers and sisters, how he came to settle in Hartford, whom he married, where he worked, how he got along with his family. I also learned that that he was part of a great migration from the farms of Quebec to the factories of New England.

Once I knew more about Marc, I could trace his ancestors through the early 1700s back to France.  His third great-grandfather, Pierre, was a master locksmith who emigrated from France to Quebec around 1725.  Pierre went to work for the new Forges du St-Maurice, the first iron works in Canada.  A French soldier murdered him there one night in the fall of 1739, leaving behind a widow, a house full of children, and a just-baptized newborn. I read the testimony of the witnesses at his inquest, two hundred eighty years after his death.

What forgotten ancestors are waiting in your family tree?  What stories will you discover?  As a professional genealogist, I can help you on the way.

Marc's Story

Why Hire a Professional Genealogist?

Family stories often are tall tales with a grain of truth at the core.  Online family trees are often pieced together without any proof.  When you are ready to explore and preserve your family history, you should be looking for the historical truth.

I've been trained to find and evaluate the historical evidence, and to put the evidence together to tell a story.  I've learned advanced DNA tools and techniques, so I can help you resolve the mysteries in your family tree using genetic genealogy.

As a professional genealogist in Essex County on the historic North Shore of Massachusetts, I am within easy reach of federal, state, local and private repositories in and around Boston and in southern New Hampshire.  I also have worked with records from across the United States, in Canada, Ireland, England, France, Germany, Eastern Europe, and Russia.

I'm a member of the Association of Professional Genealogists and abide by their professional code of ethics.

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