Linda Tseitlin, Professional Genealogist


Linda is a professional genealogist and the owner of Liaisons Genealogy.

She began researching her own family history more than thirty-five years ago, collecting oral histories from her elderly grandparents.  Her research has been focused on Ireland, Germany, France, Quebec, New England, New York City, Chicago, and Lake County, Indiana.  In her family tree, she has found:

  • the first French family to settle in Quebec
  • a  teenager who was taken prisoner by Native Americans in the early 1700s
  • a Loyalist who escaped to Quebec during the Revolutionary War
  • a woman who travelled from Germany with her family, and whose husband died as soon as their covered wagon arrived in Indiana, leaving her a widow with ten children
  • a German shoemaker who lived in New York City and married at least four times
  • five sisters who left Germany one by one and settled in New York City, followed by their mother
  • a retired forester who foresaw World War I and brought his only son from Bavaria to Chicago, so he wouldn't be drafted and killed

Linda began learning about Eastern European and Jewish genealogy while researching her husband's ancestry.

Linda has been translating records from Russian for many years.  Her professional background is in writing and editing.


Linda earned a certificate from the Program in Genealogical Research at Boston University in 2016.  Also known as "the BU course," this program is a boot camp for learning professional methods and standards.

Linda honed her skills in the acclaimed ProGen study group, graduating in 2018.

She learned genetic genealogy through many hours of webinars, lectures, and hands-on experience at all the major companies. She won a scholarship to the Institute of Genealogy and Historical Research (IGHR) in 2019.  At IGHR, she studied advanced DNA tools and techniques with leading genetic genealogists.  Her favorite DNA site is DNA Painter.

Linda studied forensic genealogy at the Genealogical Research Institute of Pittsburgh (GRIP) in 2018.   One of the highlights of that course was a surprise presentation by a classmate, the genealogist who solved the Golden State Killer case.

She is a graduate of Wellesley College.


Linda lives in Essex County, on the historic North Shore of Massachusetts.  She has access to local, private, and state archives in eastern Massachusetts and southern New Hampshire.

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