Discover Your Ancestors

Discover your ancestors through genealogical research

Ready to learn more about your ancestors?  Liaisons Genealogy can help you get started, guide you on the way, and take on the tasks you want to hand off to a professional.   Liaisons can:

Help you evaluate what you know about your family's history

Create a research plan tailored to your interests and your budget

Find documents relating to your family

Understand the story behind the documents

Research specific questions

Help you find your way around "brick walls"

Gather oral history

Place your family's experience in historical context

Compile your findings into a written narrative

How to get started . . .

Let's talk.  Please email Liaisons to set up a complimentary half hour consultation.  If you live in or near the North Shore of Massachusetts, we can meet in person. If not, we can set up a phone conference. Gather up your notes and records and anything else with clues to your family history.  We'll review them together and discuss your goals.

Liaisons will follow up with a research plan, keeping in mind your goals and your budget.

Together, Liaisons and the client will agree on the work to be done, the timeline and costs.

Then you are on your way to learning more about your family's story!