Help with DNA Testing

Choices, Choices

Are you looking for help with DNA testing?  Maybe you are searching for answers to family mysteries, or maybe you're curious if your ethnicity really matches up with family stories.  Or maybe you just want to get on the DNA testing bandwagon.  DNA testing can be an exciting way to learn more about your heritage.

Your DNA Coach

I have been trained in advanced DNA techniques by some of the best genetic genealogists in the world.  Bewildered by the different tests and testing companies? I can help.  Need someone to explain your test results and what they reveal about your heritage? I  can help with that, too.

Testing Strategy

Before you buy a kit, I can help you:

  • understand the possibilities, limitations, and potential surprises involved in DNA testing
  • decide who to test, depending on your goal
  • decide which kind of DNA test will best answer your questions (autosomal, Y-DNA, and/or mtDNA)
  • choose the testing company that will best meet your needs

Maximizing Your Results

After you get your results back, I can help you:

  • make sense of your ethnicity estimates
  • decode unexpected results
  • understand how your DNA test results connect you to your ancestors
  • figure out how your matches fit into your genetic family tree

Your DNA results can give valuable clues to your heritage, but they are only a piece of your family history puzzle.


$40 to help develop a testing strategy

$500 for DNA analysis, research, and reporting of findings (up to eight hours)

Contact me to discuss your needs.  Let's get started!

Image by Arek Socha from Pixabay